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Welcome to the Bible Index Page, which links to all 66 books of the Authorised King James Version,
first published in 1611. This is the Word of God!   At this site, some of the larger books, such as Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, Isaiah etc., are given in two parts.

Old Testament Books

Genesis Ch:1-25        Genesis Ch:26-50       Exodus Ch:1-20       Exodus Ch:21-40            Leviticus Ch:1-14   Leviticus Ch:15-27  Numbers Ch:1-18  Numbers Ch:19-36   Deuteronomy Ch:1-17  Deuteronomy Ch:18-34  Joshua   Judges  Ruth   1.Samuel  2.Samuel   1.Kings  2.Kings   1.Chronicles  2.Chronicles   Ezra  Nehemiah    Esther   Job   Psalms 1-75    Psalms 76-150   Proverbs  Ecclesiastes   The Song of Solomon  Isaiah Ch:1-33         Isaiah Ch:34-66         Jeremiah Ch:1-26         Jeremiah Ch:27-52    Lamentations    Ezekiel Ch: 1-24    Ezekiel Ch:25-48    Daniel     Hosea  Joel   Amos  Obadiah   Jonah  Micah   Nahum  Habakkuk  Zephaniah   Haggai  Zechariah   Malachi  

New Testament Books

Matthew    Mark     Luke    John      Acts      Romans    1.Corinthians    2.Corinthians     Galatians    Ephesians    Philippians    Colossians    1.Thessalonians    2.Thessalonians    
1.Timothy    2.Timothy    Titus   Philemon  Hebrews  James   1.Peter    2.Peter    1.John    2.John    3.John    Jude    Revelation    

Follow this link for the Geneva Bible (1560/1599) With Original Geneva Footnotes of both the 1560 and 1599 versions and all with Corrected Spelling