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Mopar Broadcast Sheet Decoder

This page will help decode equipment and options listed on your build sheet or fender tag.
This is setup to identify hundreds of different codes, however there may be some not listed.

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  1. (A) Packages
  2. (B) Brakes
  3. (C) Trim
  4. (D) Transmissions
  5. (D) Axles
  6. (E) Engines
  7. (G) Glass Mirrors
  8. (H) Heater A/C
  9. (J) Misc. Options
  10. (L) Lights
  11. (M) Molding
  12. (N) Engine Access.
  13. (P) Power (Seats)
  14. (R) Radio
  15. (S) Suspension
  16. (S) Steering
  17. (T) Tires
  18. (V) Vinyl Top & Paint
  19. (W) Wheels & Hubcaps
  20. 62 to 68 CODES
  21. 69 to 83 CODES



Code Description Code Description
A01 light package A53 F body two tone paint
A02 Driver aid group A53 Formula S pkg 69 only
A04 basic group A53 trans -am pkg 70 E bdy
A05 protection group A54 Color bmp pkg 70 71
A06 sport group/ac/group70/71 A55 Custom trim pkg
A07 turnpike package A55 Roadability pkg late 70s
A09 concealed headlamp 71 only A56 Cuda 340 pkg 69
A11 Charger 500/Daytona 69 only A57 Cuda 383 pkg 69
A12 440-6 Eng Pkg.69 only A57 Monaco 500
A12 Chrysler 300-Hpkg 70 only A57 F-body RRun/RT pkg
A13 Superbird Pkg 70 only A57 Chalger/Charger-Ralleye 72-74
A13 440 Eng Conversion Pkg 69 A59 Demon sizzler
A14 Ply Sprg Spec w/o Vyn.Rf 69 A59 F body RR-Decour pkg
A15 Ply Sprg Spec w/Vyn Rf. 69 A61 Swinger spec. 1971
A16 Fury 3 spring spec. 69 A62 Rallye Instru. Clustr
A17 Fury 3 spr spec w/convert 69 A62 A body decour Pkg 75
A21 F-body-RR-R/T Decor Pkg A63 Challenger SE Mold. grp A
A21 Deluxe trim grp A/body A63 F body custm pkg
A21 Elastomeric Col Frt bump Gr. A63 Dart hang 10 pkg 73-76
A22 Elasto F&Rr col bump pkg A64 Gold Duster pkg 72
A22 Cust side trim Gr:A/body Sed. A64 F body prem pkg
A22 Sport trim gr. 70 duster A65 Dart GT pkg
A23 Cust sport trim group A-bdy A65 F body cust int pkg
A24 Trunk carp&spr tire cover A66 Challenger 340 perf pkg 70
A25 Interior Convenience Grp A66 F body super pac
A28 Calif. noise reduc. pkg. A67 Plymouth Backlight louver pkg
A31 3.91:hp axle pkg A67 F body super coupe
A32 4.10:1 dana 60 per pkg A68 Custom pkg
A33 3.54:1 dana 60 trk.pkg A69 Cordoba "S" pkg
A34 4.10:1` dana 60 supr trk 69 70 A73 Spec Value pkg
A34 light trler tow pkg A75 Monaco 500 Ornamentation
A35 Trailer tow pkg A76 Monaco brougm
A36 3.55:1 hp axle pkg A77 Charger spr spec. 74
A36 heavy duty pkg late 70s A78 Formal roof pkg 71
A37 taxi pkg A78 Formula S pkg
A38 police pkg A83 New York Taxi 70
A39 Dod sprg spec A 69 0nly A85 Charger topper pkg
A40 Dodg. sprg spec B 68 only A86 Barracuda Decour grp
A41 White hat spl.w/vyn rf 69 on. A86 Int decour grp
A43 F body kit car pkg A86 F body cust exter pkg
A44 Dodg rear win louver pkg A87 Roadrun decour pkg
A45 Spoiler pkg-frt&rear A88 Duster 340 int decour grp
A46 exterior trim/mold grp A88 interior decour grp
A47 Spec edition pkg A89 200 decour grp
A48 Dressup pkg/fr bmp guards A91 Westerh sprt spec. 70
A51 Barracuda Sport pkg A93 B&E body coupe pkg
A51 Sinatra pkg Imperial A94 Gold Duster spec pkg
A52 Sport Fury GT pkg A97 Convenience pkg( Australia)

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Brakes Trim Transmisson Axles Engines

code Description code Description Code Description
B02 9x2.5" frt drums 72 C34 front seat shield D36 HD 727-a torflt 69-71
B05 10x2.5" frt drums 72 C52 Bench seats D36 727-b torqueflite 72 up
B06 Skid Contrl ABS C55 Bucket seats D41 HD clutch
B11 HD drum br E bdy C56 Dual recl buckets D49 spec order trans 69 71
B11 std duty frt dic brk C56 bucket seats 1972 up D51 2.76:1 Axle ratio 69 71
B12 HD frt disc brks C57 60/40 seats w recl. D51 2.71:1 " " 72 up
B13 taxi fr disc C58 50/50 bench seat D52 2.94:1 69-74
B22 9x2" rear drm brks 72 C61 reclining pass seat b/s D52 2.93:1 75 up
B25 10x2.5" rear drum brks C62 LH 6-way Man.Adj bucket D53 3.23:1 69-74
B26 11x2.5" rear brks taxi C65 Air foam bench seat cush D53 3.21:1 75 up
B28 11x2.5" rear drum brks C68 Carpeted fr floor mat D55 2.45:1
B31 11" HD man drum brks C69 Carpeted rear fl mat D56 3.45:1 dana 60 69-71
B41 Frt disc brks some yrs power C71 Air foam seat fr&rear D56 3.55:1 69-74
B42 Frt HD disc br some power C73 foldown Rear seat back D57 3.91:1
B43 Manual brakes C74 Shelf panel Folding D58 4.10:1 dana 60 69-71
B51 power assit disc brks C81 HD fr seat sprg D68 standard axle
C02 S/W cargo carpet C83 HD rear seat sprng D69 special order rear axle
C07 litter con. C92 Accessory flr mats D72 3.23:1 6cly
C12 shoulder belts C93 Carpeting D81 7.25" Axle
C13 frt shoulder belts C96 Spare tire cover D82 8.25" or 8.36" axle
C14 rear shoulder belts C97 trunk dressup pkg D84 9.75" dana 60 axle
C15 Deluxe seat belt D11 3-spd man tran 69-71 D85 9.25" axle
C15 spec.sound insul. pkg 70s80 D12 3-spd man tran D91 Sure grip diff
C16 console w buckets D13 3-spd man tran floor D99 special order trans
C20 delete console D14 3-spd man col shift E06 special order 6cyl
C21 center seat foldown Armrest D15 HD 4-speed M/T E08 spec.order 8cyl
C22 rear armrest w/o ashtray D21 HD 4spd man E11 170 1bb 6cyl
C23 rear arm rest w ash D24 4 spd man w/o-drv E20 225 6cyl export
C25 floor therm insul D30 TorqueFlite auto 82 & up E22 198 1bb 6cy
C25 left head restraint 69 D31 Ligt duty 904-A T-Flt E24 225 1bb 6 cyl
C26 Over head rf consolette D32 HD A-727 TorqueFlite E25 225 1bb 6cyl HD
C28 right head restraint 69 D32 some years A-998 E26 225 2bb 6cyl
C31 head restraint pkg 69 D33 A 999 Tor-Flite E31 273 2bb 8cyl 69
C32 head restraint delete D34 TorqueFlite Trans E43 318 2bb 5.2litre eec 8cyl

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Fleet and Glass

code Description code Description code Description
E44 318-2 F08 transam eng F38 Rf.Lt. reinforcement
E45 318-2-hp-73-4 F11 46 amp Alt 69 F46 roof light wiring
E55 340-4 69-73 F11 50 amp F51 double bottm gas tnk
E55 340-6-w/a53pkg/70 F11 70amp/1970/71 F52 man Lw gear block
E55 360-2 cbody F12 41amp alt F56 Anti freeze
E56 340-6 F13 60 amp alt F57 T-barRR eng mount
E57 360-2 F15 75 amp alt F58 RR reinforce weld
E58 340-4 hp/police F17 radio suppressor pkg F62 NY taxi headliner
E61 383-2 F17 100 amp alt F65 assist straps
E62 383-4-69 F17 114 amp alt F81 deck lid release knb
E63 383-4 F18 65 amp hd/alt F82 power deck release
E63 400-2 72-76 F22 46 a/h battery F83 stainless hose clmp
E64 400-4 F23 59 a/h 375 cca bat F88 eng oil cooler
E65 383-4 rr/sbee F24 325cca battery F91 vinyl back light
E68 400-4-hp F25 70-a/h 440 red cap F95 certified speedo
E74 426-2-4 hemi F27 500 cca battery F96 oil-press/temp Gge.
E86 440-4 hp F28 500 a/h battery G01 Elec RWin Defog
E87 440-6-hp F33 LH 6" spotlight G11 tinted glass all
F01 police F35 RH 6"spotlight G12 tinted glass side

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Heater A/C Misc.Options Lights

code Description code Description code Description
G15 tint windsh only H42 heater less uppr vnt J54 sport hood 70-1
G20 delete vent windw H51 sgle air/W heater J55 undcoatw/hd-pad
G21 clr gls/ac all windw H52 duel air cond J56 formal rear win vyn rf
G22 clear glass H53 single air/temp/ac J64 wood grn inst panel
G24 Add vent wind H54 duel/air/temp/ac J67 HD wiring harness
G25 man vent wind J01 driver ed decal J68 rear wind louvers
G26 man tailgate wind J06 radio wire conduit J78 frt speaker 70-1
G30 delete all mirrors J11 glove box lock J78 240km speedo
G31 o/s RH man rac mir. J14 delete cig lighter J81 Rspoiler wing typ 70-2
G32 same above J15 cig lighter J81 US speedo
G33 O/SLh rem std mir 69 J17 radio supress no radi J82 R spoil AAR/TAstyle
G33 O/SLHrem race mir J21 elec clock J83 roof air deflector
G34 O/SLHrem race mir J22 digital clock J94 woodgrain dash 72/up
G35 O/SLhrem crom mir J24 headlt washer 71 J96 elec instum panel
G36 O/Sduel pnt race mir J25 3spd var wipers J97 ralleye instr panel
G37 O/Sduel crom race m J26 rear win wiper washr L05 map court.lite
G41 I/S day/nite mirror J29 garage door opener L06 dome read Lmp
G42 I/Sday/nite mirr std J31 duel horns L07 courtLmp below D/pan
G44 RS/illumvanity mirror J31 single horn L11 glove box lite
G45 LS/illum vanity mirror J35 Wheelhou linr bcuda L15 ash tray lite
G54 LH O/Srace mirr Fbd J41 pedal dress up L17 cig lighter lamp
G72 OSduel rem elec mir J42 floorpan boom damp L21 cargo lamp
G73 OSduel rem man mir J42 pis grip shiftknb70-4 L25 trunk comp light
G76 OSduel rem mirror Fb J42 delete front licence L31 hd/fen mount trn sig
G77 Ene mirrors J45 hoodpins w/lanyards L34 Rd Lmps 70-1 cuda
H11 fr htr/w defroster J46 locking gas cap L34 halogen headlmps
H25 heater delete J51 luggage Comp lock L35 corning lamps
H31 Rwin defog blo type J52 inside hood release L36 Opera lamps
H41 strato ventilation J54 hood insul pad L37 concealed headlmps

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Moldings Engine Acc.

code Description code Description code Description
L39 bright tail lamp acnt M27 delete wheel lip mold M86 S/W ornament pkg
L42 nite headlmp time delay M28 fr bumper Periphery M88 low deck lid mold
L44 llum entry sysm. M31 belt mold 69-70 M88 1/4panl tape treatment
L48 S/G sent deact drv.Lmp M31 belt&hood mold M91 luggage rack deck lid
L51 R/Fr door pill switch M33 dr body side mold M93 delete body side mold
L55 HD stop lamp switch M36 deck lid fin pan 70-1 M95 assist handles
L56 var/load turn flasher M36 rear bump periphery N11 oil bath air cln
L61 dome lamp switch R/Dr M38 deck lid fin pan 70-1 N15 oil filt repl unit
L62 A/C high pres cut swt. M41 license plate fr N21 air pump
L68 auto headlamp dimmer M42 fr end mold N23 electr ign. 72 only
L71 lock dr. lite 1971 M43 grill surround mold N23 elec ign stan only 4bb en
L71 dr ajar lite 69-70 M44 hood&fen mold N25 eng blc heater
L72 head Lmp warn M45 fender skirts N31 opt compress ratio
L73 seatbelt unfasn lite M46 sim 1/4pan scoop N41 duel exh w/o tips
L74 fold lamp time delay/69 M47 cuda ornament option N42 crome duel exhst tips
L74 Title/sw/w tm del 70-1 M51 pwr sun rf/w vyn top N44 sd exit exhs aar\ta
L75 low fuel Lmp M52 man sun rf/w vyn top N45 high cap fan
L76 heater contr lamp 70-1 M53 vyn/man/sun/rf/Abd N51 max eng cool
L76 warning gauges M53 pwr moonrf 81 up N65 7-blade clutch dr/fan
L77 warn sig wash fluid M55 T-bar rf N75 aux trans cool oil
L81 door ajar indicator Lmp M71 fr col bump N76 coolant recover sys
M01 starts moldings M72 rear col bumper N77 aux vac res
M05 dr edge mold M73 col elast bump pkg N81 fast idle throttle
M07 pill mold celeb rf 74 Chr M73 painted bmp B-bdy N85 tach
M08 sim dr louvers 72 M75 rear bmp tape tremnt N88 auto spd cntr
M15 Up dr fr mold M81 fr bmp guards N94 fresh air hood fiber
M21 rf drip rail moldings M83 rear bmp guards N94 ESAw/cat/con 75/up
M25 wide sill mold M84 tailgt scff stp plate N95 nox exh emis cntrl
M26 wheel lip mold M85 bmp guard pkg N95 Calif Emmis Pkg late 70s

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Power Seats etc. and Radios

code Description code Description code Description
N96 shaker hood 70-71 P33 pwr vent wind R13 Astrophonic am radio
N96 high altitude Emiss P35 pwr tailgt window R21 solid state am/fm
N97 noise reduce pkg P37 pwr convertible top R22 am/w/8/track
P21 power bench seat P41 pwr door locks R24 search tune rad/tp/wpa
P25 pwrLS buckt or50/50 P44 auto lock tailgate R26 am rad/w/st/cass
P28 pwr seats lft rit P45 pwr deck lid release R31 fr sing spr/w/r11
P28 pwr seat right 81 up R01 total radios 80 up R31 rear speaker-single
P31 power windows R08 radio delete R31 duel rear spk w/r85
P31 power windows R11 music master radio am R32 duel rear spkrs

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Suspension Steering and Tires

code Description code Description code Description
R33 microphone S62 tilt steer wheel T51 8.25x14 bsw
R34 premium spkr pkg S74 fast ratio pwr steering T52 8.55x14 wsw
R35 am/fm multiplex st radio S75 fast ratio man steer 69 T55 h78x14 bsw
R36 am/fm S76 luxury steering wheel T56 h78x14 wsw
R36 am/fm/cb late 70s S77 pwr steering T61 d78x14 bsw
R37 am/fm/stereo/8trck S78 full horn ring T62 d78x14 wsw
R38 am/fm S79 lower 1/2 horn ring T63 d78x14 bsw fiber
R39 am/fm MX cass S79 3 spoke styl pad hub T64 d78x14 wsw fiber
R42 am/fm ETR Cass S81 sim wood steer wheel T72 e70x14 wsw
R44 prem spr. electronic S83 2 spoke rim-blow 70abc bd T73 e70x14 red streak
R45 oversize man antenna S83 3 spoke rim blow T74 e70x14 wsw fiber
R48 power ant. S84 tuff steering wheel T75 e70x14 rsw fiber
S01 stan.1" frt.shocks S91 manual steering T76 e70x14 rwl fiber
S02 hvy duty 1"frt shocks T02 6.45x14 poly tires T77 e70x14 bsw bias
S11 HD susp.w/frt sway bar T11 6.95x14 bsw T79 fr70x14 owl Aramid
S13 ralleye susp w/sway bar T12 6.95x14 wsw T82 f70x14 white
S15 Hemi XHD susp/w/frt sw T14 c78x14 bsw fiber T83 f70x14 red
S16 HD susp/wfrt/sway bar T15 c78x14 wsw tires fibergass T65 f70x14 red fiber
S17 reduce rate suspension T22 7.35x14 bsw T86 f70x14 white
S23 monroe shocks 13/16-3/8 T25 e78x14 bsw T87 f70x14 rwl
S24 muoroe shocks 1972 T26 e78x14 wsw T93 g70x14 rwl
S25 HD/firm ride shock absb. T31 7.75x14 wsw fiberglass T99 spec order 14" tires
S26 HD shock-1971 T32 7.75x14 wsw U01 e60x15 rwl frt.70 aar/TA
S31 frt sway bar 70-71 T34 f78x14 wsw fiber U01 G60X15 RWL REAR aar/ta
S31 rear shoc.absr later T35 f78x14/wsw U02 8.25x15 rwl f body
S32 HD/1" rear shock absor. T41 8.25x14 bsw U12 7.75x15 bsw
S41 rear sway bar T42 8.25x14 wsw U18 F78x15 wsw
S44 tilt steering whl. 1970 T45 g78x14 bsw U21 8.25x15 bsw
S61 tilt telesc.str.wheel T46 g78x14 wsw U22 8.25x15 wsw

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Vinyl Top Paint Wheels Hubcaps

code Description code Description code Description
U24 g78x15 bsw U84 f60x15 rwl polyglass V60 full length side stripe
U31 8.55x15 bsw U86 g60x15 rwl polyglass V7* accent stripes
U32 8.55x15 bsw U99 special order 15"tires V8* transverse stripes
U35 h78x15 bsw V01 mono tone paint V80 bumble bee paint stripe 70
U36 h78x15 wsw fiber V02 two tone paint V9* reardk lid panl str 1971
U41 8.85x15 bsw V05 buffed paint V9* longitudinal 1971
U42 8.85x15 wsw V06 delete stripe/pnt/treatmt W01 hubcaps
U44 j78x15 wsw fiber V08 delete vinyl roof W02 wheel trim rings
U45 gr60x15 owl aramid V09 special order paint W04 hubcaps w/trim rings
U46 205/75r sbr white V1* full vinyl roof var col W06 collapsible spare tire
U48 205/75r sbr wsw V10 full vinyl roof W07 delete spare tire
U51 9.15x15 bsw V19 spec. order vinyl roof W08 regular spare tire convert
U52 9.15x15 wsw V20 halo/partial vinyl roof W09 compact spare tire
U57 L78x15 wsw V21 perf hood treatment W11 13"delux wheel cov69/71
U58 gr70x15 wsw V22 delete sport hood paint W11 14" deluxe wheel cover 69/71
U59 gr70x15 bsw ray belt V24 perf hd treat w/cid/callout W11 15" wheels w/426 hemi 69
U64 f70x15 white fiber V3* conv top var col W12 14or15 wl tr rings w/hcap
U65 f70x15 red fiber V3w white conv top W13 class 2 wheel cover 69
U73 f70x15 special order V3X black conv top W13 deep dish wheel cover 70only
U74 g70x15 wsw fiber V4* canopy vinyl roof W15 wire wheel cov 1970/71
U75 h70x15 rwl V4B black canopy vin roof W15 deep dish wheel cov 69
U79 hr70x15 bsw fabric belt V4W white canopy vin roof W17 14"colsteel wheel 69/71
U64 f70x15 white fiber V4X black canopy vin roof W18 14"sim mag wheel cov 69/70
U65 f70x15 red fiber V68 delete stripes W18 wire wheel cov 69abody
U73 f70x15 special order V78 delete paint stripes W21 14"chrome sty rd wheels 69
U74 g70x15 wsw fiber V88 delete transverse R/T strp W21 rally wheels 70/71
U75 h70x15 rwl V4* body side stripe W22 rallye wheel/trim rings
U79 hr70x15 bsw fabric belt V5* body side moulding W23 roadwheel class 2 70/71
U82 e60x15 rwl polyglass V6* longitudinal stripe 70 W24 styled road wheels class 3

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1969-1983 Codes

codes Description codes Description
W25 HD stamped wheels 69-71 X66 manufacture export label 69-71
W27 cast aluminum wheels X89 remote mirror export only
W34 space saver tire 71-79 X92 Omit rear seat belt export
W52 6.50x13" wsw Y01 front license plate
W55 body color road wheels Y02 driver education decal
W61 7.00x13" bsw Y05 built to U.S. specs.
W62 7.00x13 wsw Y07 built to Canada specs
W96 15x7 XHD wheels Y08 special scheduling condition
W97 15x7 wheels Y09 built to export specs
X15 right hand drive 1969 -U- USA 1971
X21 Kilometer speedo 69-71 -0- Canada 1971
X25 light beam shift 69-71 -l- export 1971
X51 duel zipper headliner Y11 domestic publications
X52 cooling package Y13 dealer demo car
X52 relocate dome light 70-71 Y14 sold car 69-71
X53 sealed speedo 70-71 Y16 sales bank car
X54 radiator splash shield 70-71 Y22 executive lease car/Cry 69-71
X62 rub steer column/coupe 70-1 Y28 public relations
(X55) radiator air shield 70-71 Y33 fleet sales
Y37 conversion center Y39 special order 69-71
Y83 new car service Y91 show car finish A
Y92 show car finish B Y94 special exhibit unit
Y95 gasoline 5 gallons Y96 gasoline 10 gallons
Y97 gasoline 3 gallons Z23 special equip weight-320
Z24 special weight-160 Z25 special weight-80

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1962-1968 Codes

code Description code Description code Description
001 mono-tone paint 022 tires 6.95x14 bsw 061 tires 8.55x14" wsw
001 3spd man col shft 1967 023 6.95x13 wsw 062 383-4bbl-hp
002 2 tone paint 026 d70x14 bsw 063 8.55x14 wsw
002 3spd man col shift 67 027 d70x14 wsw 066 8.55x14 8 pr bsw
003 tires 6.50x13" wsw 028 d70x14 red streak 068 8.55x14 8 pr wsw
003 4spd man floor shift 67 031 273-2bbl 071 413-4bbl 1965
004 361 2bbl 1964 032 273-4-HP 071 8.85x14 bsw
004 frt sway bar 68 ss car 033 7.35x14 wsw 072 8.85x14 wsw
005 383-4 1964 038 e70x14 wsw 073 426 hemi hp
005 3spd auto 1967 039 e70x14 rsw 075 8.45x15 bsw
006 382-2-4 1967 041 318 2bbl 076 8.45x15 wsw
006 3spd auto 1967 042 tires-7.75x14" BSW 078 8.45x15 8 pr bsw
007 413 2-4bbl 300K 64 043 7.75x14 wsw 079 8.45x15 8 pr wsw
009 426-2-4 L/C maxWeg64 044 f70x14 rsw 080 426-4 street wedge 65
009 special order tires 045 f70x15 red streak 081 440-4bbl