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Cubic Inch Displacement & Compression Ratio

Sample: V8 Engine with 4.030 bore,  3.500 stroke,  .036 head gasket thickness, 4.075 head gasket diameter, .015 deck clearance, .360 ring land height, flat top piston w/2cc valve relief, and 70 cc head  volume should give you a CID of 357.15 with a static compression ratio of 9.82:1.
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Bore Size, inches Piston Size, inches Stroke, inches Cylinder Head  Volume, cc's Piston Dome/Dish Volume, cc's
" " " cc's cc's
Head Gasket Bore Size, inches Head Gasket Thickness, inches Piston Ring Land Height, inches Deck Height, inches
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Engine Size Liters: Cylinder Volume: Gasket Volume: Deck Volume: Total Volume:
cl's cc's cc's cc's cc's
Compression Ratio: Engine Size in Cubic Inches
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