Home at last!

At the Thomas Show!

An inside look!

The 408 stroker being assembled!

Lots more pics here!
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Lots more stroker pics here!
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An engine shot!


Here's a 19mb movie file with the car running. Please right click and save as.

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Here's my drivetrain specs, the engine has fully ported Edelbrock aluminum heads!

Desktop dyno claims 497hp through headers and full exhaust.
Here's the specs on the engine:

-360 block .030 or 4.030 bore X 4.00 stroke
-Protru -20cc dish pistons, 10.7 to 1
-.039 head gasket thickness,
-57cc head volume
-Sixpack dual plane manifold port matched with a total of 1350 cfm's through the carbs

-XE284H, Xtreme Energy, Hyd Flat Tappet, 284/296-240/246@50-.507/.510-110 centerline

-Edelbrock Flow #'s

2800-3200 stall speed convertor through a 727
3.91 suregrip
245/60/15 radials

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