Dyno proven 360 packages

So you want to know what it takes to produce a strong street/stip 360 without any "tricks"?  What combo of parts works good together to produce a wide power band but is still very streetable?  Here you are.  These are proven dyno tested motors so you have no guess work at all.

Package one:
Rebuilt 360 with factory crank and rods. Cast 9 to 1 compression flat top pistons.  Heads are "308" swirl port heads from 1988-91, rebuilt with competition valve job and a slight mill to true up the surface.  Camshaft is MP P4452759 .430"/.450" lift, 260/268 duration, 110 lsa, installed at 108 intake centerline. MP M1 dual plane intake P4529116, 750 Holley #3310 carb, 1 5/8" small primary tube headers.
300 h.p. @ 4750 rpm
350 lbs. torque @ 4,000 rpm

Package two
360 rebuild with stock crank, rods and windage tray. 9 to 1 cast flat top pistons. Heads are "J" castings with 2.02" intake and 1.60" exhaust, competition valve job, lightly bowl prepped.  Intake is the Edelbrock RPM, carb is the Carter Competition  750. Hooker 1 3/4" headers.  Timing set at a total of 32 degrees.   Cam is an Edelbrock RPM with .488" lift and 308 duration installed at a 107 intake centerline.
370 h.p. @ 5,750 rpm
360 lbs. of torque @ 4,250 rpm

Package three
360 rebuild with stock crank, rods and windage tray.  Factory iron 360 heads from a 1979 motor opened to 2.02" intake valves with a competition valve job.  Bowls lightly blended and runners lightly cleaned up.  TRW flat top cast pistons rated at 10. to 1 compression. Comp Cams Magnum hydralic 280 cam.  This cam has a .480" lift and 280 degrees advertised duration.  Intake is an Edelbrock Torker II. Topped with a Carter TQ with .137 rear jets.
401 h.p. @ 5,400 rpm
420 lbs. of torque @ 4,700 rp

Package four:
360 rebuilt to 9.9:1 compression, Eddelbrock heads, Edelbrock RPM Airgap intake, 750 Eddelbrock carb, Hughes cam HE2430 with 224/230 degrees @ .050", .504"/.515" lift, 1 5/8" headers.
397 h.p. @ 5,500 rpm
436 lbs. of torque @ 3,800 rpm

Package five:

This package is a little more pricey but it is a bolt on package with all parts right out of the box using the Edelbrock RPM parts/package.  360 rebuilt with stock crank and rods, block bored .030" over, 9.5 to 1 flat top pistons.  Edelbrock RPM heads, RPM intake, Performer 750 carb and RPM camshaft with .488" lift and 308 advertised duration, installed at 110 intake centerline.  Timing was set at 34 degrees total.
399 h.p. @ 5,500 rpm
438 lbs. of torque @ 4,250

Package five-B:

The above motor was tried with a modified Holley carb flowing over 800 cfm and having .076" front jets and .080" rear jets.
430 h.p. @ 5,750 rpm
469 lbs. of torque @ 4,000 rpm

Package six:
Rebuilt 360, bored .030" over with Hypereutectic pistons, bowl ported smog type 360 heads with 2.02" intake valves and competition valve job.  Edelbrock Torker II intake, Carter 750 AVS, Comp Cams Magnum roller rockers, Comp Cams custom ground solid lift tight lash cam with .542"/.549" gross lift, 272/276 advertised duration, 243/247 duration at .050" with 108 lsa and a 108 intake centerline.  Headers with small 1 5/8" primery tubes.
430 h.p. @ 6,000 rpm
412 lbs. of torque @ 4,900 rpm

Package seven:
360 rebuilt with factory crank and rods, KB191 high compression pistons with 12:1 compression, 2.02" "J" heads ported to flow 260 cfm,Holley 3310 750 cfm, Victor intake, 1 3/4" primary tube headers, Engle Cams solid tappet KV-2 cam with .560 gross lift, 275 advertised duration, 245 @ .050", 110 lobe seperation angle and 106 intake centerline.
450 h.p. @ 6,200 rpm
425 lbs. of torque @ 4,250 rpm

Package eight:

360 rebuilt with 9.5 to 1 cast pistons, original crank, rods and windage tray.  202 heads with competition valve job and ported to flow 260 cfm.  Edelbrock RPM intake, Holley 750 rejetted, Large tube headers and Mopar Performance P4120231 cam with .484" lift, 284 duration, 108 lsa, installed at 106 intake centerline.
460 h.p. @6000 rpm
486 lbs. of torque @ 4,250 rpm

Package nine:
360 rebuilt with 10:1 compression flat top cast pistons, original crank turned .010"/.010", rebuilt factory rods.  Factory windage tray installed. 2.02" heads with competition valve job and ported to flow 260 cfm.  Edelbrock RPM intake, port/gasket matched. Holley H.P. 750 (.076" front, .080" rear jets).  Large 1 3/4" primary tube headers.  Comp Cams 305AH-8 camshaft with .525"/.540" lift and 305/312 degree advertised duration, 253/260 degrees @ .050", 110 lsa, installed at 108 intake centerline.  This motor is a brute for a street car and would only be considered a weekend blaster.
495 h.p. @ 6,000 rpm
500 lbs. of torque @ 4,500 rpm

Personal opinion and observations on these combos:

All of these combos are actually low tech.  Real basic parts. All of these used factory crank and rods and inexpensive cast pistons. These combos just show how little or how much is needed to get desired results.  Package one is a spirited smooth idling engine, great for trucks and tow vehicles. Package two could use a little more timing, rejetted carb and ported heads to make it better.   Combo three is a decent setup but could use more port velocity with a RPM intake and needing a little hotter cam (like the MP .484").  Combo four and fiveare good street engines and could use some port work for increased h.p..   Package six could use more port velocity and a larger plenum from a RPM intake (notice package six has less torque than package four or five and it is at a higher rpm) but this combo makes good power. Package seven also needs port velocity like an Edelbrock RPM intake or smaller single plane intake but makes good power.  Package eight shows what ported heads can do for a 360.  I have seen many 360 dyno tests that show this same combo will duplicate the 450 - 460 h.p. every time.  You need ported heads, RPM intake, MP .484" cam, well tuned carb and good dyno tuning and you will get 450+ h.p. every time.  Package nine is a brute for a street car, very radical sounding, needs a 3,500 stall converter and steep gears to work best. I hope this research is helpful with picking the right parts for your next street/strip 360 Mopar.

Not mentioned in the packages is to be sure you use good rebuild practices, use a quality dual chain timing set, a recurved electronic ignition, hi-volume oil pump, new bolts where possible, proper valve springs, etc.
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