From 1969 to 1973 buyers of all new domestic Chrysler cars could order their new cars with special, extra-cost paint. These are the High Impact Paint (HIP) colors. In 1971, High Impact Paint was a $15.05 option. Cars that were originally painted with one of these colors have become very desirable among collectors. Their names are as colorful as the paints.  The following is a list of the ten optional High Impact Paints that were popular on many muscle cars, along with a best-effort representation of the color scanned from original paint chips.

Paint Code Dodge Name Chrysler/ Imperial/
Plymouth Name
DuPont Lucite® Code DuPont Centari® Code DuPont Dulux®
PPG Ditzler® Code Years offered
FC7 Plum Crazy In-Violet 5182LM 5182AW 5182DH 2210 1970
EF6 Bright Green Rallye Green 4987L   4987D   1969 Spring Color Only
FJ5 Sublime Lime Light 5181L 5181A 5181D   1970
FJ6 Green Go Sassy Grass 5127L 5127A 5127D 2259 1970
EK2 Go Mango Vitamin C 5065LH 5065AH 5065DH   1969
EL5 Butterscotch Bahama Yellow 5267L 5267A 5267D 2325 1969
FM3 Panther Pink Moulin Rouge       2260 1970 Spring Color Only
1971 Special Order Only
EV2 Hemi Orange Tor Red 5067LH 5067A 5067DH 2186 1969
FY1 Top Banana Lemon Twist 5180L 5180A 5180D   1970
GY3 Citron Yella Curious Yellow 5308LH 5308AH 5308DH 2320 1971

And finally, here is a list of 9 paint names that were allegedly rejected by Chrysler executives:

Catch Me Copper
Unforseeable Fuicha
Statutory Grape
Gang Green
Well Red
Cost Of Living Rose
Fisher Body Rust
Hi-Ho Silver
Frank Lloyd White