1970 Plymouth 'Cuda

Here is my 70 340 PlumCrazy Cuda. It's a 340 Cuda but the car now has a 408 stroker.
The body just went through a restoration 3 years ago and the drive train was redone the winter of 2003/2004.
I have a dated coded 340 block and X heads with a 3.51 forged stroker crank and forged pistons.
The car is an original PlumCrazy 340 Cuda automatic with 3.91 suregrip.
I have owned the car for about 10 year.
It has manual steering and non power front disc brakes, 26” radiator.
The ignition system is from FBO ignitions and looks stock but is curved specially for this setup with a high output coil.
The car is very streetable and is driven to shows and cruises. It has won many trophies but it is not a trailer queen, that’s not what I wanted!!
I also have the original HP exhaust manifolds if I want it to look stock. The exhaust consists of thermal and ceramic coated TTI headers, custom 2 ˝” exhaust through stainless mufflers and the original tips which were custom expanded to 2 ˝”.
The sixpack setup was on the car when I bought it and I also found an AAR broadcast sheet behind the front seat.
I did not find the sheet for the car but all the numbers on the body match. The dashpad was replaced at the time of the bodywork and I have pics of before and after.
Car has a AM/8 track intact but not hooked up to the replacement speakers in the dash.
The quarter panels and trunk ends were replaced at the time of the restoration.
Some window well work was done too but the rest of the car including floors, trunk pan and frame were in good shape.
Car was also primered in Plumcrazy!!

Here's my drive train specs, the engine has professionally ported Edelbrock aluminum heads!

Desktop dyno claims 497hp through headers and full exhaust.
Here's the specs on the engine:

-1972 360 block .030 or 4.030 bore X 4.00 stroke
-Protru -20cc dish pistons, 10.7 to 1
-H Beam connecting rods
-4" Mopar stroker crank
-.039 head gasket thickness,
-57cc head volume
-Sixpack dual plane manifold port matched with Holley Sixpack carbs.
-Carbs have billet outboard plates with removable jets.
-Fully Ported Edelbrock heads.
-XE284H, Xtreme Energy, Hyd Flat Tappet, 284/296-240/246@50-.507/.510-110 centerline
-Very streetable!!

Edelbrock Flow #'s

2400-2800 stall speed convertor through a 727
3.91 suregrip
245/60/15 radials

Some more pics and info here


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