Some Tech info, Hope it helps some folks!

Mopar Transmission Cooler Return Line List!
Mopar Spec Sheet!!
MP Camchart!!
Head Casting Number Chart!!
Fender Tag/Broadcast Sheet Decoder!!
Vin Decoder!!
Exhaust Manifold Casting #'s!!
B/RB Engine Specs!!
66 - 74 engine specs!!
Mopar Carb List!!
Mopar Engine Colors!!
Mopar High Impact Colors!!
Compression Ratio Calculator!!
Instructions for upgrading to electronic ignition!!
Valve Lash Chart!!
LA Cylinder Head Comparison Chart!!
A Engine Specs & Chart!!
Spark Plug Cross Reference Chart!!
360 Engine Buildups!!
AMC & Mopar Cylinder Head Comparison Chart!!
Chrysler Axle Guide!!
Rear Setup Guide!!
Even More 8.75 Rear Info!!
Popular Chassis Part #'s!!
Mopar Colors!!
Rebuilt Engine Pre-start Checklist!!
Torque Settings!!
Mopar Battery Info!!
Links page!!
Head Milling Info!!
Tire Height to Size Chart!!
Head Flow Chart!!
Head Porting Guide!
1967 - 1974 Body VIN Codes!
1968 - 1974 Engine VIN Codes!
Engine Building Tips!!
Mopar Body Designations!!
Ringgear Backlash!!
Torque Convertor & Clutch/Band Apply Charts!!
A Few More Casting Numbers!!
Mopar Engine Weight!!
Alternative Torqueflite Band Adjustment!!
Dana 60 Info!!
426 Hemi Info!!
SB Torque Specs!!
BB Torque Specs!!
Cam Basics!!
Big Block Bell Housing and Engine Front Measurements!!
Argent Formulas!!
1957-1979 Mopar Paint Chips!!
1962 - 1968 Fender Tag Codes!
1969 - 1971 Fender Tag Codes!
Quarter Mile Calculator!
Compression Ratio Calculator!
ThermoQuad Guide!!
Holley Guide!!
Mopar Radiator List!
Tuning Tips!
Exhaust Tips!
Engine Swaps!
0-60 and 1/4 Times for LOTS of Cars!!!
Exhaust Manifold Numbers!!!
Extensive Oil Filter Study Link!!!
Conversions and Calculators!!
Holley Jet Chart!!
7 1/4 & 8 1/4 Rear Info!!
Quarter Mile ET!!

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